The lies of the elite on terrorism

In the 1990s at the time the Western war machine was justifying its intervention in Somalia to its ‘democratic’ populations we could not sleep without hearing the mantra used to justify the intervention: “failed states breed terrorism”.

This mantra has been much less in evidence recently.

This may be because it is evident to everyone that the West is now involved in creating failed states. Iraq was destroyed by the 2003 invasion. Libya – where there are now 3 rival governments – was destroyed by the 2011 NATO campaign. And Syria is a work in progress.

It is from these countries – all failed states – that terrorism comes which results in the deaths of civilians in European cities. This is why the elites have gone quiet on the “failed states breed terrorism” line. The line now is that ISIS/Al Qaeda “hate our values” or they are “death cults”. The population is expected to swallow the idea that these people have dropped down from outer space, full of hate for “our values”, and have launched their campaign against the West as a first cause.

This is a whopping great lie. It is really an evil lie. We know that. Because we know that “failed states breed terrorism”. British intelligence knows that and has told the political classes that – specifically in connection with Iraq. [1] When Michael Fallon tries to twist Corbyn’s words on this specific point he is lying. He is playing games with the lives of children.  As is May, who did the same thing. (If you listen carefully to the audio in the video on this page you can note how May’s voice rises a notch when she says that Corbyn said the attack in Manchester was “our fault”. She is lying. She would fail a voice based lie detector test). These are the kind of evil people who put themselves up for election in this country.


1. Guardian. MI5 on Iraq war and terrorism

Guardian. British intelligence warned before Iraq war that it would lead to uptick in terrorism

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer