The Big Lie at the root of therapy

The big lie of therapy is that you are at the mercy of your ‘unconscious’.

This alleged dependency on the unseen and uncontrollable forces ‘in your unconscious’ is the reason given why you ‘need a therapist’. The therapist positions himself as the mediator between you and your unconscious. He is more expert about you than you. (As the maverick psychiatrist R. D Laing explained; you need a lawyer to mediate with the law, an accountant to mediate with the Inland Revenue – and a therapist to mediate with your unconscious. A bourgeois outlook beyond par).

The actual purpose of this ideological position is to create and justify and maintain the dependency on the therapist: “at the mercy of your unconscious” translates to “you need a therapist”.

This in turn translates into income, wealth, status and power for the therapist. All at the expense of the client.

Psychotherapists are parasites. They pick off weaker members of society (look at the text of the ads.; they are always looking for the weak and vulnerable) and insert themselves into these peoples’ lives on a parasitical basis. The aim is to prolong the pointless ‘treatment’ for years. Each client is worth perhaps £1500.00 p.a for the therapist. They only need about 20 to make a very comfortable living.

The truth is that you can change yourself by reason, self-discipline and effort. This is an approach which is founded in reason and humanism. Therapy operates at the level of hocus-pocus, charlatans, and magic.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer