Spoken from the heart – is it time to vote?

Tony Taylor of the In Defence of Youth Work group (a grassroots campaign supporting a real form of youth work) has written a piece on the election.

He speaks for this writer. Who is almost almost moved to vote Corbyn, despite some major reservations, not least the one touched on by Tony Taylor in this article, that voting only encourages what Lenin called the “Talking Shop”. (Meanwhile the real power lies elsewhere).

Whichever you decide to do read and enjoy Taylor’s article. I especially liked:

Yet the majority of his own party’s MP’s suffer in stunned silence, unable to get their heads around the collapse of their pragmatic accommodation to the status quo.  Can you believe it, they are now being expected to believe in something other than their own careers?


Indeed in 1997 many workers were seduced by Blair’s ‘Third Way’ with its championing of what has come to be called ‘identity politics’.  The price paid was a heavy one as New Labour abandoned class politics and solidarity, embracing both neoliberalism’s masturbatory self-centredness and its fetishistic belief in an iron law of the market.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer