The stocks are back

This is a story about a school in Bristol where they make the students were a ‘lanyard’ round their neck if they are wearing the incorrect school uniform.

Something straight out of the worst kind of Victorian schooling.

Hard to believe that it can happen in the 21st century.

This sort of thing shows conclusively that all the fuss about ‘Safeguarding’ is so much froth and front.

The abuse continues.

There is another aspect to this. Reading the article we can see that one reason the school gives for this cruel policy (based around, isolation, shame, humiliation, differentiation) is that it means that teachers don’t have to pull a student up several times during the day about a uniform violation. What is happening here is the school is institutionalising avoiding student-teacher interactions. Because the student is wearing a sign there is no need for there to be any interaction between teachers and student on the question of uniform (other than the first interaction when the student is ordered to wear the lanyard). This avoidance of interaction is characteristic of a therapeutically inspired trend in education. The ‘rough edges’ of interaction, “Oh come on Johnny get some proper school shoes. Oh; you’ve already been told. Well; I’m telling you again” are too much for then over-sensitive and fragile personnas of the therapy generation.

It’s completely chilling. And doubly so because it goes unremarked and unchallenged.




Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer