Media propaganda on Ukraine

This is just a small example. An article in the Telegraph about the recent announcement on the creation of a new ‘state’ by the DNR. [1] Just a couple of points.

i) This is an example of what this site calls ‘narrative overlay’. The Western media often reports the news in this way. They don’t just limit themselves to reporting facts – someone said this; someone else claimed that. They tell their readers what to believe. These are editorial glosses laid on top of the news to make sure everyone is on the right page. A sort of organized group think. For example;

The proposed country – which has no chance of getting off the ground – would be founded after a referendum and called Malorossiya, a tsarist-era name meaning “Little Russia” that once described most of the area covering modern-day Ukraine.

Well. In all likelihood this plan is just intended as a wind-up; perhaps part of a strategy to say to Kiev that if Kiev doesn’t start implementing the Minsk agreements soon (with regard to political autonomy for the Eastern regions) then the stakes will be raised. In all likelihood it “does have no chance of getting off the ground”. But why does the Telegraph have to tell its readers this? Why not just report the facts? These kinds of editorial glosses are about managing the narrative. In essence; telling people what to think.

ii) A second characteristic of the Western media is the way that claims are made and are treated as self-evidently true but in fact rarely evidenced.  See:

Moscow has denied the allegations despite overwhelming evidence that it has been involved in the fighting and its explicit political support for the rebels.

A good example. This works simply be repeating ‘overwhelming evidence’ enough times. In reality there has been astonishingly little credible evidence in the media to support the claim of Russian ‘involvement in the fighting’. Reuters published a story which provided some evidence (though far from conclusive) that Russia had supplied two tanks to the militias in Eastern Ukraine. [2] This report stands out as being a rare case when journalists have made a serious attempt to back up the narrative with the fruits of investigative journalism. In the main the source for the “Russia is involved in the fighting” is either the US State Department or the Ukrainian defence ministry. This isn’t to say that Russia has not been sending military support to the militias. Quite possibly they have. But there is as a matter of fact no ‘overwhelming evidence’. And ‘explicit political support’ is also a fiction. The Kremlin has studiously avoided supporting the rebels in the DNR and LPR in any demands they might have made to break away from Ukraine and join Russia. The Kremlin has been explicit that the conflict should be solved with reference to the Minsk agreements.

Why does the Western press lie so much? Because – in the end Western (mostly US) finance capital is running a racket. Bringing ‘freedom’ to the world – in reality a vulgar and crude materialist culture. And the role of the press (owned by that self-same finance capital) is to soak the masses in the myths needed to sell this horrible culture as the best thing that’s ever happened to humankind.




Author: justinwyllie

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