Local authority cover-ups

Something about UK local authorities – unable to grasp any notion of serving anyone’s interest but their own – that is the interests of the ‘managers’ who run them.

This is one example – but there are countless.

In this story a judge has found that Gloucester County council had erred in removing a child from his or her mother. Note the strong language used by the judge. This was not a small error.

Note then the response by the Council:

Gloucestershire council said it apologised “to the court unreservedly that in our attempts to safeguard the welfare of this child, members of our children’s social care team breached the terms of a previous court order.

Well – not just a previous Court Order but also the law. So that is a little fib for a start. Then notice the attempt to claim that they were acting in the ‘safeguarding’ interests of the child. This is called ‘putting it onto the other’. Teachers use this tactic a lot. And of course they are playing the ‘Safeguarding’ card – a well-worn get out of jail free card.

Local authority managers set new standards in cynicism and dishonesty even by the already low standards of the times.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer