Myths of capitalism (1)

In capitalism (in contrast to socialism or communism) what people earn depends on the quality of the work they produce.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A tiny fraction of people in capitalism are craftsmen who will earn more if they produce better quality work. For the majority of workers there is no big difference between producing standard work or work of exceptional quality. Their employer will likely hardly know the difference and at any event will be too focussed on dragging work out of the mediocre to notice that some of his workers are producing work of great quality. (If they work in the bloated government sector workers can usually get away with producing work of sub-standard quality without any loss of earnings due to the system of mutual cover-up in operation).

More to the point; the people who achieve economic A1 status in capitalist systems do not do so because of the quality of the work they produce. These people in reality rarely work at all in any meaningful sense of the word. Rather; they have learned, perhaps, how to pull a few levers in the systems of finance in such a way that they can be showered in money – regardless of the real world consequences for other people. Or, again, they act as some kind of business or marketing executive who knows how to make large sums of money out of large user bases of captive customers by implementing manipulative and cynical financial and control systems. In reality the economic A1’s get there not by producing work of higher quality but by realizing that work is a fool’s game. They get rich by having no ethical constraints.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer