Barbaric use of isolation in schools

This Guardian article about the use of isolation in schools in the UK is a case study of docile bodies.

Notice the cynical hand-washing statement from the Department of Education. Notice too the connection with OFSTED. That is – the pressure to produce good OFSTED reports is part of the pressure which drives these kinds of excessive punishments.

Notice too the language in the statement from one of the School Trusts: the students will “self-correct”. They might as well be talking about a self-driving car. The distinction between a machine and a human being is lost. Young people are quite literally being treated and trained as efficient automatons. This is the “freedom” and “democracy” we wage wars all over the world to bring to people?

Obviously it is completely barbaric to do this to young people. Strange that in this world where at every breath the authorities claim to be concerned about the welfare of young people and “Safeguarding” this is passed through on the nod.

And finally, we can say as a matter of certainty that a few parents complaining and getting an article in the Guardian is not going to change anything. This is a vicious country and this is just part and parcel of that viciousness.




Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer