MI6 and morality

A zero sum equation.

This is a report on a recruitment binge by the current head of MI6.

A word to the students he is trying to recruit:

When Mr Younger waves the flag of a moral crusade don’t believe it. When he talks in comic book terms about defending the country from ‘evil’ don’t believe it.

In 2003 the UK took part in an illegal war in Iraq killing thousands of women and children – tens of thousands more died in the aftermath. MI6 played many parts in that no doubt – one of which was manipulating votes at the UN by changing perceptions in non-aligned countries by planting data leaked by spies in the UN Weapons Inspectors teams. [1] This is in reality what MI6 gets up to.

MI6 played a key role in the destruction of Libya as a functioning country in 2011. This one was, rarely, permitted by the UN – if you allow a large measure of sophistry.

MI6 is involved, illegally, in the attempt to destabilise Syria. Here they have succeeded simply in prolonging a terrible civil war.

The chargesheet is much much longer than this. If you want to take part in bloody murder for profit and imperial grandeur join MI6. But if you want to defend “morality” and fight “evil” – consider perhaps these words of warning from noted environmentalist David Attenborough.



  1. Scott Ritter. War On Iraq.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer