Fraud and ‘failed project’ – a key difference

The government has cheerily announced a new IT project – to put patient records online. (Only a matter of time before a massive data leak one imagines). That aside; the Minister is cheerily announcing that the new IT system which will be “the very best it can be” – and so on.

The fact that this was done just a few years ago and £11 billion (yes £11 billion) of public money was largely written off is barely getting a mention. That cash went to many people – none of whom I believe were asked to give it back. The shareholders of BT and CSC (a US consulting company) soaked up a good part of that £11 billion. The project was beset with cost overruns.

Meanwhile people are regularly jailed by the courts for benefit fraud. That is usually they claim a bit over and above what they are actually entitled to.

If you wear a suit, call yourself a consultant, and steal billions of public money all is fine. If you are working class and steal a few thousand you are looking at jail time.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer