Victims to the end

As readers of this blog will know I divide my news consumption time equally between the Guardian and RT.

Reading the Guardian is to read a never ending series of whinges about how women, black people, gays, and people confused about their gender are oppressed – implicitly if not explicitly by white middle-aged men. (Young white men present something of a conundrum for this ideology and their position in the scheme of things is obscure).

The irony is that every day sees a new example of a (usually white middle-aged man) crucifying himself in public – he doesn’t even usually wait to be crucified – for saying the wrong thing in relation to current orthodoxies. The movement to put women, black people (in reality the movement does not appear to be one led by black people), gay people and others at the top of the pecking order has won hands-down. They have gained nearly complete victory. There is, in reality, precious little organised racism in the workplace, primary children are taught about how they can swap their gender, gay men can snog in public on the tube, women do not experience a gender block in promotion in companies.

Why then does article after article in the Guardian read as if all these people are still horribly oppressed? The answer is that at the root of this movement is not a real desire to liberate anyone. At the root of this movement is a championing of victim status. These are not victims seeking to stop being victims. These people (that is the ideologues who promote these ideas, not necessarily, black people, people who have gay sex etc.), want to keep their victim status indefinitely. And thus they can never accept that they have won; because to do this they would have to stop being victims. What has won in this movement is not (in fact) black people, homsexuals etc. but an ideology of victimhood. An ideology which idealizes being a victim. Nietzsche would certainly analyse this as a continuation of Christian ideas of ressentiment. The slave class (or its ideologues) comes out on top but they cannot give up their slave ideology and slave mentality.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer