Brexit – a failure of party political ‘democracy’

Democracy means government by the people.

With party politics as practiced in the UK we have two dinosaurs tottering about the landscape each trying to make itself relevant and ‘popular’ while fighting each other to death.

Mrs May is culpable because she has allowed herself to be governed by the requirement of holding the divided Conservative Party together. She could probably personally quite readily sign up to a permanent Customs Union and end the crisis – but if she did this the Conservative Party would split down the middle.

Jeremy Corbyn is sadly no better. The deal which May has agreed with the EU in effect will/would deliver a Customs Union via the backstop. He only disagrees with it because to agree with it would end the crisis and provide a solution; albeit with his party still in opposition. That is; his Brexit strategy all along has been to exploit the chaos to try to smuggle his Labour party into power (so he can wreck the public finances by handing out cash left right and centre – to failing industry and various client groups – his ‘socialist’ dream).

The fact is that the exit deal offered by the EU is the only one available. Mrs May and Jeremy Corbyn could have worked together to coalesce around a joint position of a “soft Brexit” (full commitment to a Customs Union and alignment with the single market). May didn’t do because it would have split her party. Corbyn didn’t do it because it might have looked like a Conservative win. The pursuit of short-term party political advantage has brought the country to the precipice of national catastrophe.

It is left to Plaid Cymru, the Greens, the SNP and the Liberal Democrats to sound responsible – in calling for parliament to now sit permanently until it can either agree a deal with the EU – or revoke Article 50.

A parliament of independents – that is elected representatives of the people – who represent the people rather than a party would not have led us to this impasse.

The lesson to draw from this is that party politics cannot act responsibly in the interests of the nation. The UK needs a democracy of the people; not of party.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer