Brexit madness

The longer this takes, the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all. It would mean letting the Brexit that the British people voted for slip through our fingers. I will not stand for that. It is essential we deliver what people voted for, and to do that we need to get a deal over the line.

This writer just can’t understand this. And Theresa May is not the only one who goes on about how we ‘must’ leave the EU because ‘the people voted for it’.

52% – 48%.  A tiny majority voted for an unspecified kind of Brexit. Yet they talk about ‘the people’ – as if this was some final, overwhelming, decision. What are these people thinking about? How do they understand democracy?

In any event the referendum should never have been called. It was called to fix problems the Conservative party had with UKIP and their own anti-EU wing. And look what the result was! The Tory party riven from top to bottom – and the country too. (Furthermore; the result was probably connected to the fact that the referendum took place during a period of economic cuts to public spending; it was time and context specific. Contexts change; there is nothing undemocratic about having another vote).

At this point it is amazing that politicians cannot see the clear way out of the ‘impasse’ – May demonstrates her credentials as a thick Brit by not even being able to pronounce this word (of French origin) correctly.

A new referendum. On the ballot a staged set of choices:

A. Should the UK accept the exit deal which has been negotiated and leave the EU or should the UK stay in the EU?   Leave/Stay.

B. IF you chose Leave above would you prefer:

a – a Customs Union and single market alignment

b – no Customs Union.

(The sub-options under B could be extended to include any number of variations on the possible future relationship).

It’s that simple. It is ‘democratic’. What is the problem here?


Here is one answer to what the problem is:

As one Labour shadow minister in a heavily leave seat put it: “I’ve got Momentum and my remain-heavy membership telling me to vote against the deal, and I’ve got my local Ukip branch and Brexit campaigners telling me to vote against the deal. Tell me exactly how we’re going to be rewarded electorally for helping the Tories pass their Brexit deal? [Source: Guardian]

Labour have calculated that Brexit offers them the chance of a big win. It is going to be a disaster whatever – and the less it can be seen to be connected with them in any way the more this increases their electoral chances.  THus, unless they can somehow present Brexit as a Labour win they will allow it to be a Tory disaster. If this were to mean a chaotic Brexit with millions of people suffering as a result that is fine. The strategy is short-term and purely tribal. Just at the time when a little bit of statesmanship is required. It is a sign of the time that such statements as the above can be made without any apparent self-awareness of how idiotic they sound.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer