Love thy neighbour

What to do when people who you have never hurt in any way come out and smash you in the head with a concrete block?

You feel angry. Underneath the anger usually upset. You want to strike back.

But this is to get dragged into their world. Into the vulgar and crude world where everything is solid and wrong.

One approach is to use this to study your own reactions. What is this anger? What is the nature of this anger? What is the basis for feeling that I have to strike back?

You can also think about what might be going on in their mind. Try hard to discriminate between constructing perceptions and what might really be the case. Maybe you will see that that are suffering from some kind of illusion. And what point is there reacting to that?

Anyway. If someone smacks you in the face with a concrete block don’t be dolt and hit them back with your concrete block.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer