Guardian re-invents racism and sexism

The original idea was tolerance.

But over the years the demand for tolerance has become the demand for total victory; a complete reversal.

Stories denigrating men as men now crop up in The Guardian at a rate of one or two a week. These comment pieces invariably ascribe negative qualities to men as a whole, as a breed. It is quite acceptable to write that all men are bad in some way; because they are men. Were such stories to be written about women they would probably come to the attention of the police. It seems that there is even reverse racism. Today a headline reads “‘Whitey’s on the moon'”. The story is about how Civil Rights protesters in America protested against the Apollo programme – making the argument that the priority should be to fix ‘racism’ and poverty first. A subheading in the story reads “A project of white America”. In the text we read “As footage of the era is replayed to mark the semicentennial, it is striking that all 12 people who walked on the moon were white men, and so too the overwhelming majority of officials, engineers and scientists at mission control”.

The line ‘Whitey’s on the moon’ apparently comes from ‘poet’ Gil Scott-Heron. It isn’t quite clear why this story has been written now; perhaps because of an anniversary of the Apollo programme. It is reasonable, of course, to tell this historical story. But – the idea of integration (witness for example post-apartheid South Africa) is not to rub the noses of the previous privileged in the shame and dirt of their own offences. It is to avoid triumphalism, to avoid using the same kinds of insults which were once leveled against the oppressed against the oppressor.

But what we see in this article, and throughout The Guardian’s comment piece sections, is simply a reversal. Men as men, the male gender, are openly abused and denigrated in ways in which it would be simply impossible to talk about  women these days. And this article seems to do the same with white men.

The article says that “it is striking” that white men predominated in the NASA missions. This is some kind of attempt to drag every last piece of blood out of a situation which is long since passed. To keep replaying the complaint years after everyone else has moved on. Yes; 1950s America was racist (it was still permissible to treat black people differently). We know this. Look at the images of NASA Mission Control today and you will see people from all races. Here the past is confused with the present. Stuck in victim mode these people have difficulty adjusting to the fact that they have in fact won.

What role is The Guardian playing when it publishes stories abusing men and using language about “white men” that only yesterday they were railing against when used against women or black men?

(And to end with a piece of heresy – there is also the possibility that people from different races have different skills and aptitudes and even with 100% non-discrimination in society there will still be areas were one race performs better than another. Who created America’s music?).



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer