The Foreign Office is aiding a hit and run driver

A few weeks ago the wife of a US agent working in the UK was involved in a road accident in which a 19 year old British teenager lost his life.

Aided by the Foreign Office she ran away to the US, leaving, apparently on a US military plane. She had initially told police that she would not run away. [1] The FO and police covered up her flight for several days – hiding it from the grieving family. [2]

The Chief of Northamptonshire police claimed that the reason for covering up the flight of the suspect was  “so they [the Foreign Office] could work out the next legal steps”. [2] Oh come on. She’s fled. What “next legal steps” were there? The Guardian allows this absurd cover-up story to pass without comment.

This led to bad media for the Foreign Office. In recent weeks there has been a very well run media operation to massage all this in the public domain. This has included a straight lie from Norfolk Police that the suspect Anne Sacoolas had “cooperated fully”.  [2] By running away that is. A more recent claim is that the diplomatic immunity claimed by the suspect (and disputed by lawyers for the family) is “no longer pertinent”. This explanation was included in a letter sent to the family by the Foreign Office. [3] It was accompanied by claims from the Foreign Office that everything possible had been done to achieve justice. [4] On the face of it it is obvious that diplomatic immunity is no longer pertinent – the point of diplomatic immunity is to get someone safely out of the country. It applies while you are working as a staff member of your Embassy in a foreign country. You don’t have diplomatic immunity in your own country – which is where she now is. No explanation has been offered for this curious phrase. There is just one possible explanation; the diplomatic immunity of the hit and run driver was conferred on her by her husband’s status as an operative of the US government. (There are widespread reports that he is a spy. The military base where he worked and near where the accident happened is the site of a partnership between US and UK spy agencies). Since her husband no longer works there she no longer enjoys diplomatic immunity. However; if this phrase is to have any meaning then the US would have to extradite her to the UK. It will be interesting to see if the CPS and Northamptonshire police proceed to charge her and follow that up with an extradition request.

Following the above theory we could postulate that the indecent way that Anne Sacoolas was smuggled out of the country was conditioned in fact by an attempt to get her husband out of the picture. This is Craig Murray’s theory. But if this was the case – surely he could have left and she could have remained? But either way it seems that Anne Sacoolas has at least for now frustrated the normal course of justice.

In essence it looks like they put and are continuing to put the strategic partnership between spy agencies over and above the rights to justice and the welfare of an ordinary British family. Oh, democracy!







Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer