Straight lies in the liberal press in an attempt to win the election

The liberal-left are resorting to outright deliberate lying to try to smuggle Corbyn into power (even though they probably know it would be a total disaster). We documented the other day a case where the Independent lied about what Johnson had said.

Today the Guardian uses the same tactic on a Conservative candidate. The Guardian reports that the candidate said “people with learning disabilities should be paid less than the minimum wage because”. But she didn’t say this. What she did is support an article in which the an author argued for an exemption in minimum wage legislation for disabled people so as to encourage their employment. (I am sorry; I have limited time, but you can check all this as it is all evident in the Guardian article itself).

In both cases the tactic is to misrepresent what someone said and then on the basis of that misrepresentation to denounce them. This is preferred to the alternative; of engaging with what they are saying and defeating it in argument.

As an interesting aside the Guardian deleted (“moderated”) my comment about the above on their election news thread.

The last political grouping to do this as a consistent practice was the Nazis. Are the Western “liberals” going to morph into out and out fascists? (The inability of the liberal-left to ever concede that they can lose an election to a “right-wing populist” candidate is another worrying sign. They go on about democracy but as soon as they lose an election it turns out that they only believe in democracy when it returns them to power).

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer