The UK government’s inexplicable inaction on cornonavirus

This is an article in The Guardian by Richard Horton, Editor of the prestigious medical journal The Lancet

Key points:

  • There are going to be avoidable deaths because of the UK government’s inexplicable inaction in the face of the coronavirus
  • The government has performed a complete u-turn. Faced with actual casualties they have done a volte face. They are no longer aiming for herd immunity. They are now, belatedly, adopting WHO recommended social distancing measures.
  • The BBC is propagandazing this as the “science has changed”. It hasn’t.
  • Had the plan for herd immunity gone ahead unchecked this would have resulted in nearly 400,000 deaths. (They are now aiming for 20,000). This figure was available to any schoolchild as a simple calculation: 0.01 x 66,000,000 x 0.6. (Mortality rate x UK population x percentage needed for herd immunity).
  • The UK is now, very late, adopting the correct strategy.
  • Richard Horton cannot see an explanation for the government’s previous inaction.

All of the above points have been made by this website over the last 10 days; including the simple calcuation that the government’s stated plan would have entailed nearly 400,000 deaths.

This is culpable negligence on an unspeakable scale. (If not something more sinister; the effects of the inaction were so obvious that one cannot help but wonder if some sinister mind was not at work somewhere actively trying to create a situation of mass deaths).

Despite the facts of the matter being entirely obvious; even as Richard Horton points out to a schoolchild, it is likely that, as with all the sins committed by those who enjoy power, the people responsible will completely get away with it. Media will help them massage the failings as a question of emphasis.

Why did it happen? Ricard Hortson says he cannot explain this failure. I don’t know either but I would guess that these are some of the instrumental factors:

  1. Far too much weight given to trying to avoid an economic crisis
  2. Far too much influence permitted from “weirdos and misfits” (in the words of Dominic Cummins – the government’s leading special adviser) – that is government advisers who simply didn’t understand the science.
  3. The media context in which this occured – of a fully supine media who see it as their role simply to do PR for whatever the government of the day says and who thus failed to call for a halt to the madness of the “herd immunity” plan
  4. In general a contemporary pathetic willingness across the board in media and even some academic circles to abandon critical thinking and simply genefluct to power

Points 3 and 4 probably reflect in turn aspects of our “therapy culture” – the world where reason is abandoned and we should all think about our ‘feelings’ all the time – and never, ever, say anything critical to anyone, but especically to those in power, in case we offend them. The culture which is relentlessly promoted by large sections of the media and by ‘progressives’ in general.






Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer