UK government cover-up goes into overdrive

The UK government’s actions, that is inactions, on coronavirus have undoubtedly cost hundreds of lives. That this is so has been explained by senior epidemiologists and scientists and medical journal editors time and time again in the last few days. This site has reported on some of these criticisms.

The UK Government – Cabinet Ministers, The Prime Minister and senior advisers, will at some point have to face some kind of reckoning, hopefully in the form of a public inquiry, for their lunatic and unscientific “herd immunity” plan and for their lack of preparedness. (E.g. the WHO was warning of a global health emergency as far back as 31 January but it has only been in the last two weeks that it has occured to to try to order some more ventilators – and then they seem to have allowed an ideological preference for UK manufacturers to dictate their buying decisions). This should be a matter of criminal charges but of course it won’t come to that.

Now in a truly disgusting diversion tactic they are getting their defence in early and trying to blame China for “cover-up and delay”. This is pure diversion. China has its own case to answer no doubt but this is just a PR strategy cooked up by some consultant in Downing Street to try to pull the wool over the public’s eyes. Maybe even the same one who came up with the criminal “herd immunity” scheme in the first place?

When Gove says “As a result of Beijing’s cover-up and delay, global health experts are convinced the rest of the world had insufficient time to prepare for the pandemic, which means the effect of the outbreak has most likely been worse” people should be aware that this is sheer lying. The WHO was warning of a global health emergency on 31 January. The UK had weeks to prepare. It is fully the fault of UK government that they did not use February to prepare – as the editor of prestigious medical journal The Lancet, explains here. Mr Gove is lying through his teeth on a matter which affects the lives of countless British citizens.

This is truly truly sickening.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer