Liberal narratives on racism in the media

I don’t want to post too much on this theme lest people think I’m somehow racist. I’m not. But I am interested in how the liberals who are now driving the resurgent (and media-driven) ‘Black Lives Matter’ discourse are so willing to tell lies. It is as if they want to create a narrative about racism not based on the facts but in spite of the facts.

This is a tiny example in the Guardian. The journalist who is lying on this occasion is someone called Mattha Busby. He is reporting on a case when a black man (there is no actual evidence in the story that the colour of his skin is relevant to the case) was stopped by the police for a search. He refused to get out of his car and tried to negotiate the terms of his exit. This isn’t how the law works. The police then interpreted this as him refusing to cooperate with the search and broke his window. At this point the man says he will get out of the vehicle. This is what the video on the page shows. But the writer says:

As he queried why he was being stopped, Colaço, 30, was forced into handcuffs, video footage shows. He agreed to leave his car and stood with officers who searched him, while others combed through his BMW and found nothing.

Based on the video provided this is a complete lie. He didn’t simply “query why he was being stopped”; he tried to negotiate the terms of his exit from the car. And in point of fact he refused to leave his car and only offered to do so after officers started to break in.

The point I’m making is that there is clearly a trend of liberals generating a  narrative of police racism out of thin air. In doing this they, apart from anything else, show that, in reality, they don’t really care about the problems of racism. (You can’t fake it and say you are serious about it at the same time). On the other hand we probably shouldn’t read too much into it. This kind of thing probably just reflects the desperate state of intellectual development possessed by representatives of the media and political classes in the UK at the moment. The journalist is so intellectually weak, the interest in grasping reality so wafer-thin, that he can’t sort of the simple facts of the case. His interest in “human rights” (based on his Guardian profile)- and perhaps an eye for his career –  leads him to mock up stories.

Interestingly, we are not told where the ‘footage’ came from in the story. It appears that it was shot from inside the car. Based on the film it appears that the gentleman himself has a camera in his car pointing at himself. We are told he works in the film industry. It doesn’t appear to be going too far to speculate that this was a put-up job.

None of this is real. It is all about media stories.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer