Guardian propaganda on Russia tracked 100

Nothing systematic about this but when I notice it I record it. Someone has to.

This is from an article in today’s Guardian about the elections in Belarus:

“I warned that there wouldn’t be a maidan, however much some people want that,” Lukashenko said on Monday, referring to a popular uprising in Ukraine that toppled a pro-Kremlin leader in 2014. “People need to settle down, calm down,” he said.

Of course this phrase “pro-Kremlin leader” is part of the systematic propaganda by the Guardian on behalf of NATO and corporate finance to seize Ukraine in its entirety. Seize it not just from Russia but from the millions of people who live there but who don’t want to live under Western control. People who are supposed by these democrats (such as Andrew Roth whose name appears on the byline for this article) to simply evaporate themselves out of sight (of the democrats that is). We see it when they describe the Russian-speaking people in Donbass who don’t want to be part of the new Ukraine (whose first move on coming to power was an attempt to remove Russian as an official language of the state) as “pro-Kremlin separatists”. But in fact Yanukovych was an elected President. And the “popular uprising” was an extremely violent coup. (Many are certain it was operated by foreign intelligence agents; even without that the stream of Western politicians who came to shake hands with the anti-democratic protesters hardly makes it look like a “popular uprising”).  As for “Pro-Kremlin” this means that in the fight for influence in Ukraine between the EU and Russia Yanukovych eventually sided with Russia – which, as an elected leader, he was, according to the democratic playbook, entitled to do.  It is telling that these people can use the phrase “pro-Kremlin” as a taint.

This is just one aside in an article. But it is partly through these asides that propaganda works. As if these were “facts” too obvious to even need proof. Like all Jews are money-grubbing and out to undermine the Reich.


Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer