The second care home massacre

In March and April 2020 they released thousands of untested Covid-19 positive patients into care homes thus “seeding” the virus in care homes. That was a “totally avoidable” massacre. (The words of Amnesty International).

Now they are doing it again. Patients are again being released without tests. These are people who have had Covid. But a PHE study has confirmed that a percentage of these people will be reinfected and asymptomatically transmitting. (See also: Guardian).

“The findings show that while people are unlikely to become reinfected soon after their first infection, it is possible to catch the virus again and potentially spread it to others.” [1]

They spent £22 billion on a Test and Trace system. Can it really not test the few thousand elderly people being discharged from hospital? Of course it can.

These people (the current government and the lavishly paid managers at the top of PHE) are in fact criminal granny-murdering thieves, spivs and con-artists of the highest order.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer