De-existing Russians

Western liberals do it all the time. The millions of people in Eastern Ukraine who are historically linked to Russia and who would, in the main, prefer to be part of Russia than part of a Western-leaning Ukraine are simply de-existed. The resistance in Eastern Ukraine is ascribed to “Russian meddling”. They couldn’t possibly want it for themselves could they?

The same thing happens pretty much to the millions of Russians who are quite happy with the present political settlement and system in Russia. All the Western liberal press writes about is Navalny and his fans and the system he is trying to replace. Everyone else is ignored. At best they are depicted as passive (and stupid) victims of “Kremlin media control”.

The de-existing appears to be ‘institutionalised’. This appears in an (AFP contributed) article about a prosecution of an elderly lady who had worked (as a child) in a concentration camp:

In all, the Nazi regime exterminated 6 million Jews and hundreds of thousands of others in the Holocaust [1]

These figures seem to include the 6 million Jews plus homosexuals, disabled people and gypsies – people Western liberals care about. They omit the 5 million Russian (Soviet) civilians and 3 million Soviet prisoners of war. [2] Presumably because Russians don’t count.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer