The ideology of the progressive left in the US

I’ve just picked this as an example from one of the prime media exponents of the new-left ideology in the US – David Smith, who writes for the Guardian. In general this ideology is characterised by its inability to tolerate any divergent points of view (everything they disagree with is prefixed with “the false claim”), its confusion with ‘democracy’ with a particular set of values i.e. those of the Clinton wing of the US Democratic Party, its rabid promotion of identity politics, transgender politics and a racially divisive tendency to see racism where there is none and to endlessly replay old battles. 

This is David Smith in today’s Guardian discussing a possible return to the political limelight by Donald Trump:

In 2021 the conference seems to offer proof that the Republican party is no longer in the political mainstream but has veered into far-right extremism. Speakers have raged against “cancel culture”, radical socialism and “big tech” companies while pushing Trump’s bogus claims of election fraud and denying he has any culpability for the subsequent insurrection at the US Capitol.

Notice some of the tenets of this ideology. People who criticise “cancel culture” (the tendency to trawl Twitter for something someone said 10 years ago which is now considered politically incorrect and use that to send them into exile) are “far-right extremism”. As are people who criticise “radical socialism”; which presumably means the small group known as “The Squad” in the democratic party. In passing note that in this new left ideology demands for a minimum wage and subsidised public healthcare are considered “radical socialism”, which places its politics somewhere close to Mrs Thatcher. [1] Notice too that criticism of “big tech” (curiously put into quotation marks even though this is a valid phrase which everyone understands) is also “far-right extremism”. And finally notice that the narrative about an “insurrection” at the Capitol is assumed to be a fact. It is characteristic of this ideology that once an interpretation of events takes hold it is then repeated as nauseum as absolute unquestioned fact, as the truth.

The Guardian is the main media vehicle in the UK for this ideology but the ideology has more power than just the pages of the Guardian. It is a real force. If successful it will transform Western society into a gigantic cult. A cult with a mono-view of truth and where everyone who doesn’t accept this version of reality is sent into exile.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer