Herd immunity was the plan

In March 2020 this web site produced a series of posts crying out that the government’s herd immunity plan was dangerous and should be dropped. (For example; this one on 15 March).

It was entirely obvious that they were going for herd immunity. Not only were they going for herd immunity but they were trying to sneak it past the public without telling the public. Chris Whitty – the Chief Medical Officer for England – and Patrick Vallance the government’s Chief Scientist were fully implicated in this dangerous and unscientific plan which ignored WHO advice and which led to tens of thousands of deaths.

The government has since embarked on a path of organised lying about this, claiming that “herd immunity was only a concept – it was never the plan”.

These people’s incredible incompetence and absurd arrogance (they thought that epidemics were something that happened to other nations and that the UK could – like Brexit – follow its own special path) led to countless dead grannies. And now they lie about it to protect their careers.

This is the then government’s chief adviser confirming the above. Herd immunity was the plan. As he says “it was in all the graphs”. Of course one can ask Cummins what he was doing in government at this time. Did he protest against this? And he has his own credibility problems with his “eyesight test” trip to a beauty spot and his backdating of his own blog. But there is no particular reason to think he is lying about this. It sounds like the truth to me.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer