Covering up killings – the Guardian plays its role.

This is a story about the revelations which ex-government adviser Dominic Cummins is currently making in public (Twitter) about the government’s disastrous (and in my opinion criminally negligent) errors in their handling of the Sars-Cov-2 epidemic.

One of the key failures was the failure to protect people in old people’s homes. In March and April 2020 people were released from hospital into care homes without even a Covid test. This (in the words of one senior consultant) “seeded” the virus into care homes. At least 18,0o0 people died as a direct result. This was wholly avoidable.

Rather than admit their mistake senior figures (on huge salaries incidentally – senior executives at PHE earn well over £200,000) at PHE, and Government Ministers responsible for these thousands of needless deaths are simply lying their heads off about it. The main lie is that they did not know about asympomatic transmission until some time in April. This is not true. It was known about and discussed the by the Covid lead in the US at the end of January – a full two months before. (Anyway – it is not unknown for viruses to transmit asymptomatically and they should have erred on the side of caution even without the data).

Amnesty International refers to these tragic events as a “monumental scandal”. It is striking that beyond a few muted mentions the press hardly mentions this. When they do it is mentioned as just a mistake – as if they had accidentally paid 10% too much on a PPE contract. But 18,000 people died needlessly.

This is the Guardian playing its part in the cover-up:

The failure to properly protect care home residents, with many discharged from hospital back into care settings where the virus then spread, is regarded as a key mistake of the early days of the pandemic

This implies that the people discharged from hospital (with Covid-19) into care homes were already care home residents. In some cases they might have been. But in many cases they will not have been. The function of this distortion is to mute and soften the mistake. It is of course less bad if the people were already care home residents and were being sent “back” to their care homes. But – the truth is many of them will have come from home, gone into hospital and then been assessed as not being well enough to return home – and thus discharged into a care home. They were new admissions to care homes and they should not have been sent to care homes to infect those who were already there. It may seem a small point – but it is a signifcant mutation of the story. (It almost makes it seem as if it was the care home residents who were responsible). And it is done for a purpose. The story of the government’s (including senior officials at the Department of Health) chaotic, irresponsible and in fact lethal response to Covid needs a lot of massaging to make it palatable to those who cannot believe/accept that the people in charge (Ministers and at the DHSC) are in fact, by their actions, evil.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer