Media suppression of resistance to the new normal

A demonstration took place in London today against lockdown, vaccination of schoolchildren and against potential ‘vaccine passports’. Judging by the images on RT and the DM several thousand people at least took part. Probably in the tens of thousands.

The Guardian, Independent and BBC have all ignored it. The BBC main news page leads with a story about a celebrity and historical allegations of sexual assault. On the BBC Covid section the news is about the new Johnson & Johnson vaccine and about two ‘heroes’ who have survived having Covid. i.e. government sponsored content.

The DM at least covers it, though with heavy editing. The march is described as being by people claiming that Covid is a “hoax”. (Interestingly the lead comment on the article is by someone who presents themselves as a marcher explaining that this is not the case – that most marchers are against restrictions; they understand that the virus really exists). The thousands of people are completely falsely described as “hundreds”. But at least they covered it.

This is a major march in Central London on the most burning topic of the day. And the BBC and the main liberal newspapers simply blank it. The DM misrepresents it – portraying rational concerns and arguments as weird and ‘out there’ kind of opinions. (The whole tone of the DM article is about these ‘others’ – not us).

This is indeed worthy of North Korea.

Why can they not have a debate with these people? What are they afraid of? Where is democracy? Where is reason? Where are Enlightenment values?

It is very strange indeed; because it is quite easy to make a rational case for all these things; vaccine passports, lockdowns, even vaccination of school-children. Why won’t they make it? Why instead do they suppress critics?

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer