How does the government get away with it on Covid?

This is a rather good article in the Guardian. The question the author asks is how – given how obviously terrible the government’s handling of the Sars-Cov-2 pandemic has been – can they get away with it. Despite being a government “in which narcissistic dilettantes wield great power in a catastrophic government of egotists and charlatans” no criticism ‘sticks’. They continue to ride high in the polls and no one – government Minister or senior official – many of whom are in fact responsible for what looks very much like manslaughter by negligence – has any need to worry at all; not even about their job (let alone charges). How can this be?

The author points the to the dismal failures of the official opposition who took the decision early on to appear to be supporting the government at a moment of National Crisis despite their manifest failures and in doing so created a position from which they could not come back. And she points to a tendency for much of the media to handle matters at the level of gossip/entertainment and also to be so flattered by ‘off-the-record’ briefings and ‘access’ that they end up just producing government sponsored content. So; no opposition and no media.

All in all a bit of a disaster.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer