The US Election and the liberal media hoax

The liberal media endlessly repeats the line “Trump’s false claims about the election”. They don’t just report what Trump says – which would be journalism. They prefix everything with the editorial gloss – the instruction what to believe – that the claims are “false”. The media, and this seems to be a particular feature of liberal US journalists, are, perhaps without knowing it, writing news reports that could come straight out of the page of a newspaper in a completely controlled state like North Korea. In such an environment the people are not given facts and left to make up their own minds. They are simply told what to believe. This is one aspect of what we can call totalitarian liberalism. (Another aspect is the refusal to accept that there can be a plurality of views on many subjects from “gender identity” to questions of the correct political path for a country to follow). Usually when the liberal media endlessly repeats something (e.g. “Russian aggression”) you know that it is a narrative with little or no basis in analysis. So, I thought that the claims about Trump might be worth checking out.

I don’t have the time to go into the subject in depth but even a very cursory glance exposes this liberal media hoax. There are absolutely valid grounds for people to doubt or contest the results of the last US Presidential election. Firstly; this election saw a significant increase in postal voting. [1] And postal voting favours Democrats; Democrats are more in favour of it than Republicans. [1] Secondly (and for me this is amazing) the company which ran a lot of the electronic voting systems, Dominion Voting Systems, is a private company which, in the bland words of these liberal (freedom loving) journalists “does not disclose its financials”. Refutations of claims that it is owned by a non-US citizen and/or by people with connections to the Democrat party are met in at least one media outlet with a reference to a letter written by the CEO of the company to a Congressional Committee in which he apparently states that “he owns a 12% stake of the company, while 75.2% is owned by Staple Street Capital and no other investors own more than a 5% stake”. [2] In this report at least details about the other investors who each own no more than 5% are not given; it would appear that in the letter being reported on the CEO did not see fit to supply them. And apparently “Dominion did not respond to requests for comment on these claims. It’s privately held and does not disclose its financials.” [2] The liberal media also relies on statements from Dominion Voting Systems to refute the allegations. For example this story by AP says: “In a fact-checking page on its website, Dominion says that it is not affiliated with or owned by any political figures or political parties”. We have come a long way from journalism when AP (a major outlet) simply refutes allegations against a corporation by referring to a “fact-checking” page on the corporation’s own website.

Neither of the points in the preceding paragraph confirm that the election was rigged or “stolen” in any way. But if we bear them in mind it is equally clear that there is a basis for at least raising questions. There are completely valid questions to be asked. (For example; did the pivot to postal voting help the Democrats? Was this a result simply of the pandemic or did liberally minded state officials promote it knowing that it would aid the Democrats? Is the ownership of Dominion Voting Systems fully transparent – to the public and not just to state officials? [3]) At any event, it is absolutely clear that claims that the election are rigged are not “false” or a “conspiracy”. For me; the key point to notice here is the wall-to-wall whitewash by the liberal media. Rather than present both viewpoints to their readers they work overtime to shut down the claims from one side. This is indeed a kind of totalitarian operation.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer