Someone has to pay

Most of the media comment on this website is critical of the Western media – mostly UK liberal media.

It should give me pleasure to do a post which extols the Western media. Obviously, given the subject matter it doesn’t. Nonetheless this is an example of good journalism and the role that real journalism can play in a ‘free society’.

It would appear very likely that the last act of the US occupation of Afghanistan was to massacre an entire family on the mistaken assumption that they were ISIS. There is a pattern to this. If terrorists hit the US the US responds basically on the basis that “someone has to die”. It doesn’t really seem to matter who. Indeed this episode is a kind of microcosm of the whole “war on terror” – a process in which hundreds of thousands of mostly entirely innocent people have died to avenge the strikes on the US in 2001.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer