Sky News report on Wuhan lab leak theory

It is just a theory. But certainly not a far-out “conspiracy theory” as per the liberal media.

The ex-head of the CIA (Mike Pompeo) and the ex-head of MI6 (Richard Dearlove) and an ex-director of US National Intelligence (John Ratcliffe) seem to think that Covid came from the WIV. That alone should give pause for thought.

Richard Dearlove hints that MI6 current tried to silence him. This supports the idea that the power-base is actively and consciously trying to suppress the lab-leak theory. Certainly, as this site has shown, the liberal media is actively trying to suppress the theory, relentlessly calling it a “conspiracy theory”. In reality both lab leak and natural emergence are theories. The weight of the circumstantial evidence lies heavily on the lab side; there are numerous strange happenings which need to be explained. Just the removal of the WIV database on 12-9-19 is highly suspicious. There is no specific evidence for the natural emergence theory.

I still haven’t completely understood why the political (and intelligence if Dearlove is to be believed) and media foci of power in the West are so desperately trying to suppress rational and evidence-based discussion of this theory. Why would they be covering up this possibility?

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer