Oh. Look – they lied again – no amount of deaths will tweak their consciences

The tens of thousands of deaths don’t appear to have encouraged government and NHS leaders to think that now might be the time to be frank with the public about pandemic related failures. No. They are in full cover-up mode.

It turns out that in 2016 a simulation exercise was done which recommended: stocking PPE, being prepared with a test and trace system, and being ready to impose border controls. All factors which would have made a massive contribution to reducing the number of dead grannies and grandpas in the UK.

The government and NHS leaders and DHSC managers did not act on the recommendations of this exercise. No wonder the government tried to block release its report.

The people who saw this report and did not act on it and then tried to hide this earn salaries far far in excess of the national average. (The management committee of Public Health England earned between £100,000.00 and £260,000.00 each in 2018/19). [1] It does not appear that protecting the public features high on their list of priorities. On the other hand – smooth morality free statements is something they are good at: check the snake-like statement from the spin manager at DHSC at the end of the Guardian article. (In fact Sars-Cov-2 and MERS-CoV are quite similar in many respects. And it is an obvious lie; if the exercise was about MERS-Cov then they still should have implemented its findings; otherwise why did they hold the exercise? Or did they just hold it to pass the time?).

If the argument is – as it appears to be – that they did implement the findings on a small scale because MERS epidemics are likely to be small and contained, that still fails. They had the report and should have been able to activate it, adapt it and apply it in early February 2019 after the WHO warned of a worldwide health emergency related to a coronavirus [2] – the same kind as MERS.

These people sponge off the public – live lives of incredible luxury – and even then taking some simple decisive actions, making a little effort, (at no personal cost to them) is too much for them.


  1. https://newobs.files.wordpress.com/2020/08/phe_annual_report_2018_2019_print.pdf page 118
  2. The warning was given on 30 January 2019.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer