Making gain-of-function research disappear

We have covered how Fauci has lied to Senator Rand Paul.

Emails obtained from Fauci’s NIAID (apparently they had to be dragged out of them by a lawsuit) show that the key player in all this Peter Daszak who channelled NIAID/NIH funds to the Wuhan lab via his Eco Health Alliance certainly thought he was doing gain-of-function research with Fauci’s dollars. He even thanked the NIAID for funding gain-of-research funding at the Wuhan lab! “We are very happy to hear that our Gain Of Function research funding pause has been lifted“.

This confirms what Rand Paul has established by his hard work – the work done at the WIV and funded by the NIAID/NIH was to all intents and purposes “gain-of-function”. Fauci’s NIAID simply messed about – and continues to mess about with – the definition in order to be able to fund the work despite a ban on such work and then (after 2017) a requirement to have it approved by a special committee.

Basically it was Gain of Function work to the people doing it but for technical compliance reasons the funders used a different definition.

See the email obtained a by a US campaign group White Coat Waste.

Cross-check the grant number in the email to confirm this was coronavirus research in China. (The grant text doesn’t say WIV but this was the WIV work).

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer