The fake refugee narrative in the liberal press

This is one of these emotive articles about “refugees” which adorn the liberal press. Sated with the profits from free enterprise and drunk with their hedonistic valueless lifestyles they have to develop some kind of virtuous cause – especially if they can contrast themselves with some deplorables. Taking the side of “refugees” and simply ignoring all the evidence that most of the refugees coming to Europe are in fact economic migrants (many of whom clearly are not impoverished – based on the sums which they have allegedly paid for their illegal trips) enables them to create a story about how they are so good and virtuous and kind.

What is particularly horrible about the above article is that it equates Poland trying to prevent a flood of economic migrants from illegally entering their country and claiming (in most cases falsely) asylum, with the Nazis deporting Jews. This is taking what is essentially a kind of phantasy to new levels. Correction: no one is being gassed; these people have entered Poland illegally; the UN Convention on Refugees allows state signatories to consider crossings made from waystage countries (not the original country of departure) as illegal; many of these people are not even originally fleeing war or persecution and those who are could nonetheless have taken advantage of internationally supported facilities for refugees long before they got to Poland (e.g. refugee camps in Turkey).

For clarity; of course these people who now find themselves stuck on the border between Belarus and Poland are in a terrible situation – as are the immigrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea or Aegean seas on unseaworthy vessels. I am not saying we should have no sympathy. But at the same time I am noting that the liberal media narrative, as exemplified by this extreme article, is a purely emotive tale which simply denies basic facts about this situation.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer