Dangerous war propaganda

The media is full of reports of how the “intelligence” is predicting an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine and of how the US is going to “deter a Russian invasion of Ukraine”.

The media (Western liberal media) dutifully amplifies statements from these “intelligence” sources and the State Department.

This is an information tactic. It is extremely unlikely that Russia is planning or would even want to plan an ‘invasion’ of Ukraine. However; they have said that if Kiev attacks the separatist areas in the East of the country they will intervene. This line about “imminent Russian invasion” is a tactic so that if Kiev decides to try to take the Donbass militarily (in violation of Minsk) and Russia reacts, this reaction can be presented as an “invasion”. Kiev and the State Department is providing cover for a possible attack on Donbass in advance. The war has already started.

One would expect this from Kiev and from the State Department. The factor which is depressing is the way the media goes along with it, acting, in effect, just like the media in a war – prepared to tell any lies and produce any propaganda which the state requires of it.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer