Children, vaccination and Fauci

We vaccinate children for a number of childhood diseases, where the mortality of those diseases is far less than the mortality and the morbidity of COVID-19 on children

I wonder what childhood diseases Dr Fauci is talking about. Measles is a serious disease which can kill. 20% of unvaccinated people get hospitalised. 0.1 – 0.3% of children who get infected will die. [1] Polio is another serious childhood disease which we vaccinate against. It causes crippling permanent paralysis. Covid mortality rates in children are slight. For example; in England between 3/20 and 2/21 61 children died after a positive Covid test though in only 40% of these cases was Covid a contributory factor. Most of the children already had significant medical problems. The infection fatality rate was 0.005%. [NB. this appears to be based on those who tested positive – since millions more will have been infected and not taken a test the actual mortality rate is far, far, lower]. [2] I would imagine these figures extrapolate to the US situation. I don’t know what childhood diseases Fauci is talking about – but obviously Covid and measles and polio are in totally different categories. Possibly he is lying again and confusing mortality rates for measles and polio after vaccination? The logic of his position of course is that children should be vaccinated for flu.

The message from the science is that it might make sense to vaccinate your child against Covid if they have a serious underlying health condition. Otherwise, given that the vaccines carry small risks of adverse events in young people (e.g. Pfizer can cause heart inflammation in teenage boys) a rational decision might be to let them acquire natural immunity. A further point (not of course elucidated by Dr Fauci); if you go the vaccination route the logic of this is they will need to be vaccinated every three months for the rest of their lives (possibly with multiple vaccines against multiple strains).

Why is Fauci (and still much of the health bureaucracy on both sides of the Atlantic) continuing to push for mass, total, vaccination including of healthy people who are not at significant risk? It may be that he is on a backhander from the drug companies. But in fact he is getting such a good remuneration package anyway that it probably isn’t that – though general connections and cosiness between the pharmaceutical industry and the Health Bureaucracy undoubtedly play a part. There seem to be three further possible sub-explanations in general; 1) the power has simply gone to their heads. Ordering millions of children to take pointless vaccines even against their parents’ wishes just gives them a huge kick 2) they are locked into the idea of total vaccination which they developed at an early stage of the pandemic and simply lack the ability to think flexibly and realistically and 3) they are protecting adults from transmission from children but want to avoid the necessary ethical debate around vaccinating one population to protect another. At any event, as so often, Fauci is dissembling.

In the UK the line is that children should be vaccinated to protect them against disruption to their education. This is an extraordinary development – a medical vaccination is prescribed for an educational reason. There is not even a pretence it is for medical reasons (indeed the Committee which assessed the medical case for vaccination in children came out against it). The compliant media just lets this sinister and totally new development (medical vaccination of children for social purposes) pass without any challenge at all…


  2. (Note that the authors have had to rewrite their summary so as to be “on message” about the false information that Covid is a serious illness in healthy children). See also the paper:

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