Rand Paul shines

Rand Paul as well as being on the button on the science of the pandemic is also someone to learn from when it comes to being clear and articulate and not giving way to anger or annoyance even when debating with evil.


Another one:

Notice how Dr Fauci comes armed with a personal attack on Rand Paul (which backfires).

What is impressive about Rand Paul is that he is able to respond to this ambush that he is somehow responsible for some crazy wanting to kill Dr Fauci in a clear, calm and reasoned manner. I like the second part of this clip the most – Rand Paul calmly, and from a medical and scientific viewpoint, questions the absurd and dangerous policies of vaccinating children and of not recognizing natural immunity. He also puts into the public domain the fact that the existing vaccines barely work to stop transmission of Omicron (which makes mandating them for the healthy even more insane).

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer