When point of view becomes fact…

It is a feature of cults that they can only tolerate a single version of reality. People who disagree with the accepted ‘truth’ are outsiders – deluded. This stems from a basic weakness. Cultists do not have the strength to hold their opinions while accepting that other people hold contrary opinions. In this world, my point of view is the ‘truth’ and you are either mad or a liar or something very evil.

And this is how the progressive-liberal media class think about the world. This is a single example, from the US side of the Guardian. Apparently a host at Fox news openly celebrated news that US army General Mark Milley has tested positive for Covid. (I’ve not seen the clip – and can’t comment on that part of the story). This is what the Guardian’s US writer says:

Gen Mark Milley became a target of rightwing anger after extensive reporting showed how he worked to contain Donald Trump at the end of his time in power, keeping US armed forces out of domestic affairs.

Well in fact the general placed a call to China and offered guarantees about US military actions. (There is of course no serious evidence that Trump tried to use the army to keep him in power as is suggested here; making up stories is also another feature of cultists). From one point of view what the general did is treason and a real coup attempt since it is his job to follow the orders of the elected Head of State – not make the decisions himself. From another point of view (the Democrat) it is a responsible general acting to ensure stability in the last days of a chaotic Presidency. Which point of view you adopt will depend on how you view Trump. Both points of view probably have some merit. When I’ve seen this reported in the “right-wing” press they obviously tend towards the former view but they present this as a point of view. What is noticeable about the liberal treatment is how the writer packages what is just a point of view as if it were the absolute explanation for this affair. This stems from weakness. They promote their point-of-view to the level of indisputable ‘fact’. Those who hold other points of view then become ‘liars’ making ‘false claims’. It doesn’t stop at narrative distortions however. Notice how the Democrats tried to oust Trump, not at the ballot box but by legal manoeuvres and underhand smears – two impeachment attempts and a serious attempt to smear him with “Russian collusion” (by paying a seedy ex-British spy to produce tittle-tattle about Trump and then running an extensive investigation). This; legal manoeuvres and smearing is what we would expect from a well-resourced cult.

The progressive-liberal wing of US politics no longer wants to do ‘democracy’. They just want control. It is strange to watch a concerted attempt to turn ‘democracy’ into a gigantic cult.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer