The lab leak cover-up did not stop at China

This is a video from Fox News. There is nothing new in it in terms of facts. However the comments by a former CDC director are interesting.

  1. He makes the point that as a virologist that given the extreme transmissibility of Sars-Cov-2 (and the lack of evidence for the animal reservoir theory) he thinks the virus was trained on human cell cultures.
  2. The Fox news host reviews the evidence that Dr Fauci ‘conspired’ with a number of scientists early on in the pandemic to suppress their original view that the virus looked man-made and replace it with a view that that was “a conspiracy theory”. Kristian G. Andersen a UK researcher initially communicated to Dr Fauci that “Some of the features (potentially) look engineered” but after speaking with him and just 4 days later he referred to this as a “crackpot theory”! [1] Kristian G. Andersen later received a very large research grant from Dr Fauci’s organisation. The former CDC director suggests that the Fauci-led apparent cover-up was not motivated by Fauci’s desire to protect his own agency (which of course funded the controversial and dangerous gain-of-function research in Wuhan) but by a desire to “protect science”. I find this a very plausible explanation indeed for why Fauci has suppressed the lab-leak theory. He is a bureaucrat at the heart of funding science research. He understands that – and I am sure he is right – if the lab-leak theory is confirmed there will be a public backlash against science – at least against virologists and those who carry out risky/cutting-edge (depending on your point of view) research in the fields of molecular biology and genetics. This would be “bad” for science in the sense that it would cause a hiatus in the current research juggernaut. If I understand him correctly Robert Redfield says that he thinks Fauci is wrong on this point; an examination of what is going on in this field – especially of gain-of-function research – would be a good thing. But Fauci just wants to keep his industry going. The Fox anchor tries to get Robert Redfield to say that Fauci was just protecting himself and his agency and he agrees that may be a factor but sticks to his position that Fauci probably saw himself as “protecting science”. One can imagine the call with head of the Wellcome Trust and other scientists on 1-2-20 [2]; (which is not being available to the public) I would guess that the main talking point was something along the lines of “imagine how damaging this will be to ‘science’ if the lab-leak theory gains prominence; let’s shut it down”.


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