More vaccine misinformation from UK government

This is “sponsored content” from the government in the Independent. The photograph features a doctor of Asian heritage so probably the piece is trying to address the low-take up of vaccinations in Asian communities.

“More than a year after the first COVID-19 vaccines were administered, the jabs have been proven to be safe and effective”. A straightforward piece of misinformation. All vaccines have a risk profile. None are in fact fully safe. AstraZeneca is more dangerous in terms of blood clots for young people aged 18-39 than Covid. [1] Pfizer carries a risk of heart inflammation especially for teenage boys.

“Boosters bring your protection against COVID-19 infections with symptoms back up to over 88 per cent”. Ok. But only for 3 months [2] and they offer limited protection against transmission.

The propaganda continues. It is in FAQ form and in response to “I’m concerned about the side effects of the vaccine, is the booster actually safe?” the answer is “Yes”. Mild side-effects are acknowledged. The science about (rare) but serious adverse events is suppressed.

There then follows some threats about long Covid and even a threat that you will not be able to form relationships. They are trying to scare people into getting vaccinated. No sex if you don’t get a booster!

The scientific and medical truth is that most of the vaccines offer some protection against Covid though that has now been downgraded to some chance of protection against serious illness and the effect is very short-lived. In addition as with most medicines there is a risk profile. Therefore individuals should weigh up the risks and benefits and make an informed decision as with any other medical decision. (For example I would not be against Pfizer as the risk profile for me is very low but given the limited protection a booster is not at the top of my list of priorities. I also take account of the the fact that I would need to take a booster every 3 months; I don’t want to become dependent on a vaccine).

The question has to be asked. If they are in effect having to lie what is going on? This is not a medical programme if they are misleading people.



Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer