Watch the media shielding Keith Starmer

This is a piece in the Guardian about a mob surrounding the Labour leader Keth Starmer and shouting peadophile slurs at him. MPs we are told are accusing Johson of being responsible because of his ‘false’ claims about Keith Starmer having failed to prosecute the notorious BBC paedophile Savile when he was head of the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

Johnson made a jibe about this in parliament last week. The liberal media widely referred to the claims as false. Of course they aren’t. Keith Starmer was head of the CPS in 2009 when that body decided not to prosecute Savile. As head of that body he bears responsibility for its decisions. This is the case even if he wasn’t kept in the loop about the case – which given its high profile is rather unlikely. * However the media are so desperate to protect Starmer that they appear to have simply abandoned the whole concept that the head of an organisation is responsible for its decisions. Apparently because the case was handled by a subordinate it has nothing to do with Starmer. Weird.

For example, the Independent tells its readers: “A week earlier, Mr Johnson falsely accused Sir Keir of failing to prosecute Savile while he was director of public prosecutions” which is ‘false’. As we note above while Johnson’s remarks may have been below the belt they certainly weren’t false. This is a desperate attempt to protect Starmer as well as generally cover up establishment failings in relation to Savile.

In the case of this ‘mob’ shouting paedophile slurs at Starmer that isn’t borne out by the video clip on the story in the Guardian. In the clip I can hear one paedophile slur shouted in the background. But the prominent voice asks Starmer; “What about the working class? Why have you become the party of the elite?” and “Why did you go after the journalist Assange?”. (Under Starmer the CPS pressurized the Swedes to prosecute Assange even after they wanted to drop the case). All eminently reasonable questions. Starmer didn’t answer them and allowed himself to be led into a police car. The media (there is a similar version of the story in the Independent) doesn’t seem to think that these questions matter. This is why they bury the story in a fake narrative about a mob attacking Starmer shouting paedophile slurs.

This is an especially blatant example of the media manufacturing consent. They are protecting Starmer from difficult questions which might expose him as an establishment plant.

Update 11-2-22

And this is why the media is rallying round Keith Starmer. A tribal commitment to the planet’s most aggressive military grouping, NATO.

Of course he has to be protected. A Labour leader who talks about the current government of Russia in the language of the cold war – more or less calling it (absurdly) a “communist regime” is a hugely valuable asset to the Western war machine.

* Apparently Starmer claims he wasn’t told about the decision. I don’t think it is libellous to express a certain amount of scepticism in relation to this claim. In any case, again, the point is that if you are the head of an organisation you bear overall responsibility for its decisions. For example; if he really wasn’t told about this, why not? Surely he should have issued an instruction that as head of the CPS he should be kept in the loop about high-profile national cases? Of course he should. Starmer himself directly claims he has zero responsibility for the decision not to prosecute Savile. He is amazingly enough simply defining the concept of leadership accountability out of existence. Thereby showing that he is totally unfit for leadership. And the media waves all this nonsense through!

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer