45 minutes

With no sense whatsoever that they are parodying themselves a government Minister James Heappey has apparently said bombs could land on Ukraine “within minutes” of Putin giving an order:

Armed Forces minister James Heappey said bombs could land on Ukrainian cities within “minutes” of Russian president Vladimir Putin giving an invasion order.


This is precisely 45 minutes because it is a) obviously true – an Iskandar ballistic missile is not going to take long to fly from Southern Russia to Ukraine and one assumes the Russians don’t use carrier pigeons in the command and control system b) designed to whip up fear and hysteria and c) meaningless – there is no grounds for saying this particularly.

Article after article in the UK media today. The consensus appears to be Russia will invade Ukraine on Wednesday. (Slightly contradicted by the message that at the end of the week Boris Johnson is going to go to Europe to somehow try to avert war but logic has long since gone out of the window).

It is really weird – speech after speech about the imminent invasion but no one explains why Russia might invade Ukraine. What would be their aim? How would they run a conquered Ukraine? No one explains this. The reason is that if you think it through a Russian invasion of Ukraine (as opposed to a defence of Donbass) would not make sense economically, politically, militarily or for that matter in basic human terms. Do they know this? And all this talk about an “imminent” invasion is their game? Their way of raising the stakes on Russia’s bluff? Meet you and raise you 5.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer