DNR and LNR turn the tables on the West

It looks like the DNR and LNR have taken a leaf out of the West’s playbook. The West has spent the last weeks talking up the “imminent” Russian invasion in order to put pressure on Russia. Now it looks like the DNR and LNR are doing the same; claiming that Kiev is about to attack their regions, in order to put pressure on Kiev. (And in what looks like a fairly cynical piece of theatre laying on evacuation buses).

The West can hardly complain since they have been running a master-class in this particular game for several weeks.

I am informed that the mood in DNR and LNR is that people really want to join Russia. They don’t really want autonomy in Ukraine. I just don’t know to what extent the LNR and DNR leadership could act independently of Moscow and, for example, taunt Kiev into a new war (the way that the West is trying to taunt Russia into a war). They might calculate that they could provoke Kiev into a new war and this would finally force Putin to come and rescue them.

At any rate matters are clearly reaching a point of some intensity.

If war breaks out in Donbass the West has only itself to blame. They have had 7 years to get their client in Kiev to implement the peace deal which is Minsk 2 and chose instead to give them weapons and military training and allowed them to pay lip service to Minsk 2.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer