The ‘attacks’ by the DNR and LNR – more fake news in the Guardian

Very welcome news that Macron of France seems to be trying to move the Minsk agreements along and has managed to convene a Normandy 4 format meeting. Macron is about the only Western leader who seems to manage to get through his day without insulting and threatening Russia. Diplomacy is not appeasement. Allez Macron!

It is clear there has been a substantial rise in ceasefire violations in Donbass. The West presents this as attacks by the militias in Donbass and remains silent on any violations by Kiev. Putin not surprisingly claims the escalations are from Kiev.

It is frustrating. The OSCE Monitoring Mission publishes reports but do not say who committed the violations. To work out who is committing them one has to go through a table and try and compare reports with a map – even then in some cases without detailed technical information and knowledge it is not clear. Journalists e.g. at the Guardian have huge resources including time. They could do this work and publish the truth. They don’t. They don’t in fact generally even tell their readers that such reports exist (presumably in case anyone looks at them and finds that Kiev sometimes violates the ceasefire too). They prefer producing the narrative about the militias violating the ceasefire than reporting facts based on the OSCE mission.

This is the page where the OSCE publishes their ceasefire violation reports.

I don’t have the time to do the detailed research. But I have had a look at the report for 18-2-22. It is difficult to work out – but there appears to have been an exchange of fire near a place called Stanytsia. There appears to have been substantial incoming fire to a LNR controlled area Kadiivka. There appears to have been substantial incoming fire to an area called Popasna just inside government (Kiev) controlled territory. The two locations are close so this may be an exchange of fire. Looking at the times of the explosions in this case the explosions were heard first in non-government controlled territory suggesting possibly that the exchange was started by government forces. (But I don’t in all honesty know for sure). Overall, looking at the table there are (very approximately) as many explosions heard in government controlled territory as in non-government controlled territory. This is very regrettably all I have time to do (it is hugely frustrating that salaried journalists who certainly have time to do this choose not to) – but it does seem pretty evident based on OSCE Monitoring data that both sides are firing and violating the ceasefire. The Western narrative that the increase in violations is due to the militias in DNR and LNR is false.

This is an example of the Guardian lying:

The Ukrainian defence ministry says it recorded 122 violations by Russian forces on Saturday, including 108 involving weapons prohibited by the Minsk agreements. It says two soldiers were killed. According to a statement issued late on Saturday, the ministry said artillery was fired from settlements, landing near residential buildings. “By doing so, the enemy is trying to force units of the armed forces of Ukraine to open fire in response, in order to further accuse Ukrainian defenders of shelling civilians,” the statement reads. According to the ministry, two Ukrainian servicemen died from injuries sustained from the shelling, while another four servicemen were injured and are currently receiving treatment.


By reporting only claims by Kiev relating to violations by the DNR and LNR the Guardian gives a completely false picture of events. Notice also the absurd way they simply repeat Ukrainian propaganda that the incoming fire is from “Russian forces”.

The OSCE Mission data is there and freely available. Western media largely ignore it because it shows violations by both sides and spoils the narrative.


As if by magic former British diplomat and dissident journalist Craig Murry has looked in a little more detail than me at recent OSCE reports from Ukraine. I agree 100% with Craig: “These [daily reports] provide the most fantastic journalistic resource for what is actually happening on the ground – which is why Western mainstream media never use this resource, because the truth is the opposite of the picture they wish to paint”.



Author: justinwyllie

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