What would peace look like in Ukraine?

I haven’t posted to this site for a while. This is partly due to lack of time. It is also because I have decided to focus the posts I write solely on questions of how the media works (in the West). In fact I have set myself a rule; I cannot post anything which I can’t categorize as being ‘media comment‘. One reason for this re-focus of the site is that I misread Russian moves prior to their actions in Ukraine. With hindsight I think I was in denial. Anyway – it seems to me better to write about what I have a real interest in – how the media works, rather than just opine about geo-political developments. I don’t really have the time to do that with the depth necessary to write anything useful.

So – the grounds for this post is that I am promoting a web article by dissident UK journalist Craig Murray. I wish to hell that there were more journalists like Craig Murray. It would make a huge difference. Not this insane and short-term promotion of the current war on Russia.

I agree with virtually all of this article, accept perhaps I don’t know for sure whether Russia could ‘win’ on the ground in Ukraine. Unfortunately I also agree with Craig’s assessment that a negotiated peace currently does not interest the partisans on either side or those in power and so we can expect the killing to continue.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer