Covid vaccination and children

Imagine the profits which are being made by big pharma by expanding vaccination to even small children. And repeat doses. Despite the incredibly low mortality rate in young children.

This is a textbook case of Illich’s criticism of “right-wing” institutions. They want to make people dependent on repeat doses of their often useless products. The government (agencies) don’t mind – they are in bed with these people, and it isn’t their money anyway. The shareholders don’t care who they inject and who they scare. The best thing that can be said about Covid vaccines for children is that in most cases they cause little harm unlike for example ADHD drugs. In most cases because there is a small risk profile for Pfizer and adolescent boys.

ADHD drugging, mass over-use of anti-depressants, (I think in the US opioids) – and now pointless Covid vaccines. The media is usually silent or collusive. (The New York Times ran a piece the other day about the parents who have been traumatised by not being able to get their healthy three-year olds vaccinated; vaccine porn).

Anyway – enjoyable as always here is Senator Rand Paul showing us that Fauci is not answering the questions and there is no credible scientific basis for vaccinating children.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer