As NATO declares eternal war some people won’t be crying

As NATO declares eternal war some people won’t be crying. The following table was obtained from Google simply by typing e.g. ‘share price Lockheed Martin’. You then get a timeframe button and you can choose 6 months. I’m not copying the charts because it is easy to do this yourself. I think these are the top UK/US arms manufacturers.

CompanyShare Price over last six months (rounded)
Lockheed Martin+ 20%
British Aerospace+ 42%
Raytheon+ 10%
Northrop Grumman+ 20%
General Dynamics+6%

I would guess that the problem for Boeing is that arms is only a part (39%) of its business and its civilian aircraft business is still suffering from the pandemic and technical issues with the 737 Max. Everyone else seems to be doing very well.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer