Not actually a media comment. But.

Thinking about this abortion debate in the US where the Supreme Court has made a ruling which will allow individual states to ban abortion.

First comment; liberal media outlets in the US are full of opinion pieces with titles like “Requiem for the Supreme Court” and articles about how one of the judges “lied” in his nomination hearings, or articles about how the Supreme Court has gone “rogue”. Just like with Trump Democrats showed that they are totally undemocratic – instead of accepting the election they tried to get rid of him by various legal campaigns and smear campaigns. Now, a legal ruling has gone against them, they respond not with accepting the ruling and perhaps talking about how they could change it in the long-term (by a new case in the court perhaps with different judges) but by declaring that the court is “rogue” or “dead” and no longer counts. When democracy goes against them they reject democracy. When the rule of law goes against them they reject the rule of law. All this massively promoted by the liberal media. It is really very alarming. The kind of society envisaged here is a one-party totalitarian state. Is anyone noticing this?

(On ‘choice’. Everyone except the severely mentally impaired understands that unprotected sex between a man and a woman can lead to pregnancy. The choice happens the moment a couple agree to unprotected sex. “Pro-choice” is entirely fake; it propagandizes the untruth that if they cannot get abortions woman do not have a choice about pregnancy. They have a clear and unequivocal choice. What these people actually want is the right not to have to live with their choices – to be able to have pleasure and then cancel the consequences of that pleasure.)

Final comment, not entirely unrelated: if anyone has any doubt about the horrors of the new “transgender” ideology read this. Notice especially how the subject of the piece thinks maybe they’d like to lean a little on the male side of “non-binary” this week. Hey. No problem; just drop a little testosterone. This really is Brave New World. The main idea seems to be that “I” can be whoever “I” want. Everything is a lifestyle choice. This is a massive elevation of the “I”, a rejection of anything like tradition, customs, society – let alone ‘God’. It is an atheistic, materialistic ideology in which the only thing that matters is the “I” and the present moment.

Author: justinwyllie

EFL Teacher and Photographer