Crude propaganda on the BBC

I don’t normally watch the BBC at all. I watched the news at 10.00 tonight.

It was a barrage of extremely crude propaganda.

The Swedish Democratic party has made gains in the Swedish elections. The party was repeatedly described as  “far right”. No mention of the huge demographic changes in Sweden in recent years brought about by immigration. I.e a party which has, inevitably, arisen in response to real social changes is sidelined by the BBC as “far right”.

Then on Syria. The report was said to have been made on the Turkish side of the border so we can assume that the footage of White Helmets ‘rescuing’ someone was provided by them. I didn’t see any disclaimers. No mention of the fact that the White Helmets are funded by the UK Foreign Office. The narration referenced the emotive statements about “more babies than terrorists in Idlib” made by  Britain’s UN representative. A political regime change project of the British state (the ‘White Helmets’) provide the pictures and the British representative at the UN the words. If this isn’t state propaganda what is?

Then onto North Korea. The BBC reports that ICBMs were absent from a recent parade. In a confused piece of language the reporter tried to make this gesture into something sinister – North Korea is hiding their missiles – but we know they are there. Then there is a claim that the BBC was “not invited” to the parade. Did they ask to go? Based on this non-invitation the BBC then rounds off its story with interviews with two North Korean defectors.

All this is silly and absolutely transparent propaganda. Probably worse than anything North Korea puts out.

Yet people swallow it ..