Better get a new spy chief?

I don’t know how much the head of Britain’s MI6 earns but I’m sure it is a tidy sum and the tax-payer deserves better than this. Apparently the new-in-post head of MI6 has said that Russia is an “objectively declining power economically and demographically”. He also apparently referred to the Skripal incident and the alleged Russian part in an explosion in a Czech arms dump in 2014 which latter incident recently “came to light”. And: “When you get that pattern of reckless behaviour, of course you then look at what is happening around Ukraine and of course it worries us”. (The warehouse involved in the Czech explosion which explosion we are supposed to believe has only just been linked to the same people involved in the Skripal incident was supplying arms to Ukraine – from some points of view to kill civilians in Donbass).

And “It is an extremely challenged place…. And clearly the treatment of Alexei Navalny as we saw with the thousands of protesters on the streets of well – not just Moscow – of a number of cities shows that there is a deal of disaffection with Mr Putin”.

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